Crown Molding Setup – As Easy As 1-2-3

I Won’t Ever forget Something said to me as a young apprentice carpenter;”You simply have to be brighter than the wood”. To put it differently, understand the features of this wood and understand how to use that information to turn it into a shape or form you need it. Can you weld wood together utilizing a welder, obviously not, however, you are able to paste it together. Would you bend a plank, yes, up to some point. What is there before it breaks are there many techniques you may use to change the breaking point? Do some woods mould, airplane, sand or cut than other forests? Is there a science to every one of these queries, yes, however it’s more of a skill or texture grown over time. Only experience and also the timber is going to teach you a couple of things, but that I will show you a couple of tricks and methods that could allow you to understand the fundamentals of placing in crown molding.

In Case You Have never Installed crown mold before, you may think to yourself it won’t look so challenging. Truth is, it is not rocket science, but is perplexing. Let us enter the standard crown molding job. Though I can’t cover every scenario, this guide will give you enough information to perform the job efficiently.

1. Let us make a few choices for the measurements of the molding, complete, how many feet do you really need and which tools are essential to finish the endeavor. Along with the diameter of the molding, I discovered that a good rule is to go with 1/2″ in diameter for each foot of ceiling height, in other words for an 8 ft ceiling height which I would recommend a 4 inch wide molding. There’s no wrong or right here, however if you proceed with too thin of a molding, then it is going to seem skinny and out of scale with the space.

2. Do You Would like to blot Or Paint the molding. In any case, use 2 coats into the molding prior to Installing, with the last coat applied following setup.