Which will be the hottest technological inventions right now? Which are the most recent technology coming our way? What technology will drive the worldwide talks, and moreover, that will have the best effect in 2019? When it turns out a few will probably be quite evident, while others may surprise you. Listed below are a few of the latest up and coming technologies for 2019 and outside. Using a brand new year, we are taking a new look at where sustainability has been led globally.

These innovative technologies with potential impact for business.
  • 5G networks. ...
  • Mainstream blockchain apps. ...
  • More AI-enabled platforms for automated work. ...
  • Machine learning for customer service. ...
  • 3D printing. ...
  • New security measures. ...
  • Augmented reality. ...
These technologies are worth to watch closely in 2019.
  • Machine Learning will advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) ...
  • 10 Ways Smart Cities Will Restructure The Economy. ...
  • Quantum Computing (Supercomputing). ...
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) ...
  • 10 Ways Smart Cities Will Restructure The Economy. ...
  • More AI solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. ...
  • Wireless Charging Technology From Ecoupled. ...

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Board of Innovation

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Innovation in Practice

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Extraordinary times demand new energy in supporting businesses

The new and emerging challenges faced by society and industry in the midst of COVID-19 demand ambitious and innovative solutions. The need to stay at home and to social distance or self-isolate presents new threats to a wide range of …

The new and emerging challenges faced by society and industry in the midst of COVID-19 demand ambitious and innovative solutions. The need to stay at home and to social distance or self-isolate presents new threats to a wide range of …

The new and emerging challenges faced by society and industry in the midst of COVID-19 demand ambitious and innovative solutions.

The need to stay at home and to social distance or self-isolate presents new threats to a wide range of businesses and services that we rely on. These include those in logistics, food manufacturing, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transport and community support.

colourful wooden blocks in various shapes try and fit together on a black background

Unprecedented response from innovators

We had no doubt that the UK’s talented and energetic business community would be up for developing the solutions required but we were truly humbled by the level of interest we received.

Over 8,500 of you from across the UK applied – no doubt burning the midnight oil to do so – in response to the competition opened last month.

That’s more applications in one go than the total number that came in during the previous 12 months.  A staggering mobilisation.

We’ve now confirmed that over 800 companies will receive grant funding of up to £50,000 each, as confirmed by the recent national announcement.

Again, this is twice the number first planned after we worked with Ministers to double the total funding pot from £20 million to £40 million in recognition of the unprecedented demand.

a compass point with a red arrow points to the word 'solution' on a compass

New solutions for post-COVID age

Looking through the projects we will be supporting, we can expect to see solutions such as:

  • an entertainment performance platform that allows performers (such as bands and comedians) to perform on a digital stage streamed directly to TV or mobile devices
  • the next generation of personal protective equipment with viral-stopping capabilities (and potentially re-usable)
  • new software to help UK schools connect with their pupils for interactive home learning, and virtual-reality training solutions to allow remote training for surgeons.

This investment comes as part of the wider £1.25 billion business support package announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak last month, £750 million of which is being delivered by Innovate UK.

With this funding, we can work alongside UK businesses to harness their ingenuity and drive to innovate through the challenges faced.

Existing Innovate UK customers can now apply for ‘continuity’ grants and loans to help mitigate the worst of the COVID-19 impact on their ability to keep innovating in extraordinary times– full details can be found here.

a person looks at a chalk board where an elaborate maze is sketched out

Setting ourselves new challenges

For the Fast Start competition, extraordinary times demanded that Innovate UK devise an extraordinary response. Our staff are incredibly passionate about the power of business innovation in the UK.

Many stepped forward and collaborated to put together a competition that could be deployed quickly and could work effectively for as many businesses as possible, including businesses completely new to us.

We severely reduced the number of questions posed in the application form. The lower value of the grants enabled a rigorous but lighter touch approach to due diligence and funding assurance.

Up-front payments and use of the De Minimis State Aid limit enables us to support business innovation rapidly when cash flow is lacking.

What typically takes six months – from competition design to first funding awards – was, in this case, shortened to six weeks thanks to the dedication and commitment of everyone involved – and burning a fair bit of that midnight oil.

the words 'continuous improvement' are written on two interlocking yellow cogs sitting on top of a row of golden cogs

Learning lessons and continuing to improve

Our response, and that of UK businesses, provides us with valuable lessons that will help us to improve our processes for the future. We know it wasn’t all perfect but our drive to accelerate business innovation propels us forward.

We had already embarked on an Operational Improvement Programme before COVID-19 but this will now be heavily informed by what we have learnt in the past couple of months as we embed the most effective ways of working into our ongoing ‘Business-As-Usual’ processes, structure and culture.

The work continues to invest in UK business innovation. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

the word 'Start' with an arrow pointed ahead are painted on a long. clear road surrounded by trees


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